Camp Shape Shift Role Play
Camp Shape Shift IslandBeachandmountain
Welcome to Camp Shape-Shift! Only limited chosen people are able to attend this super-secretive Camp. But they aren't chosen by our counselors. They are chosen by what flows in their veins. If they have special blood of a certain species in their bloodline, these lucky teenagers will be personally escorted to Camp. These teenagers recieve mysterious text messages demanding their presence. After three days time, our escorters come to the home of the dilinquent and accompany to camp.
Camp Shape-Shift is located at a location unknown to the outside world somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Campers arrive at camp on either speed boat or hot air balloon or the secret ferry located of the shore of California. The Island appears to be desserted, but about a mile inland, you'll find the entrence to camp. The island also is an illusion. It appears as only a small fraction of what the huge island really is. The island expands almost as big as the Hawaii islands put together.