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Cora De Silva
The Dark One
Bloodsucking Murderer
Important Information
Gender Female
Family None
Status Alive and 19
Eye Color Black
Hair Color She changes it. Sometimes it's black,sometimes red, and sometimes white
Height 5'10"
Affiliation Canicus
Weapons Powers and knifes
Species Vampire Shifter
Home None
Quests None


Born in a small town in England, unknown to most in the world, Cora was born different. She was a vampire. Her family found out, and were horrified by this. They saw her as a monster, and abused her, hoping she wouldn't hurt them. Then, just an innocent child, Cora was scared.

The town soon found out, and joined in the 'festivities'. They would hurt her, anything to keep her at bay. She wasn't blood thisty. She didn't want to hurt them. But they didn't know that. She tried to explain she wasn't bad, but they didn't listen. This went on for years, until she was 13.

She fell in love with a boy her own age. She never went up to him. But she loved him. Cora tried to talk to him, but he walked away every time. Soon she started helping him cheat in tests, when teachers and kids weren't hurting her. He soon started to use her, and she was almost a slave. She saw it as love. When she proclaimed it, he pushed her away, saying she was to clingy, and they weren't together. Cora, now 16, had been in love for three years, and insane. She kidnapped him, and killed him days later. Soon, anyone who angered her disapered. Everyone knew it was her and drove her away.

She met a man named Canicus, and fell in love again. She's not known him long, and she's 19 (they just met), and she's now devoted to him.


Cora is pretty insane. As a child she was abused and hated by everyone, due to being a vampire. This soon turned her into a bit of a psycho. When she falls for someone, she FALLS for them. She'll do anything for them, and if they just reject her, she'll try to kill them. She is loyal to soom, and is at lying. She prefers being alone than being in a crowd. She has a short temper, and is very sadistic. She is slavishly loyal to Canicus.