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Dex Gravenhurst
Dex 15
Lieutenant Counselor of The Bear's Dorm
The Orphaned Cub
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Not sure
Status Alive, 17, Single
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'0
Affiliation Camp Shape-Shift
Weapons Spear
Species Bear Shape-Shifter
Home Camp SHape-Shift

Bear's Dorm

Quests None

This character is a Bear Shape Shifter.


Dex is a very adventures guy, always exploring and having fun with friends. He is a little rowdy but he can also be very calm (sometimes).


Dex Gravenhurst grew up in an orphange. The kids picked on him because he was scrawny and week, usually throwing rocks at 5 year old Dex well he was playing with the other young children. This went to extreme measures one night when a 15 year old boy at the orphange punched Dex for taking to long in the washroom. He moved to his grandparents that he never knew about and stayed there until he was 12.

Dex grew up in his grandparents house and forgot all about the boy that used to punch him and torment him. He soon met that boy again when he himself was 15 at the local gym and out of no where turned into a powerful gigantic bear. Being the only two in the change room Dex had no one to control him, he killed the man and changed back into himself. Knowing he could not return to his grandparents house he left the gym and ran into the near by woods. Dex learned to survive on wild berries and things he caught. 

One day out of no where a spear in the form of a rubber band fell down beside him and he looked up, seeing a strong powerful young man, with hooves and horns. At first he was worried but then the man introduces himself as a satyr, knowing what this creature was Dex listened to everything the satyr had to say. Soon after they talked the satyr took him to a jet. Where he took him to a uncharted island. He then saw Camp Shape-Shift.