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Message From Counsellors
Brie 14

Brie -Unicorn Shape-Shifter
-Head Counselor of The Unicorn's Dorm/Beautiful Unicorn~

 Brocky292 (talk) 16:24, February 3, 2013 (UTC)

Welcome to any new unicorns, I am currently on a quest so, hope you enjoy your stay and I can't wait to meet you.

Monica -Unicorn Shape-Shifter
-Lt Counsellor of the Unicorn's Dorm/Photo Girl~

She smiles, "Hey, I'm Monica, the Lt Counsellor! I can't wait to meet you!"


  1. Brie Santry


  1. Harmonie Tames-Jones




1.Unicorn Shape-Shifters can make their hands super hard which will help in punching.

2.Unicorn Shape-Shifters can create a horn sharp and strong enough to go through metal. They can use this for stabbing their opponent or breaking free from a room.


1.Unicorn Shape-Shifters can run faster as they have more stamina and they do not burn out as fast.


1.Unicorn Shape-Shifters are faster then most others.

2.Unicorn Shape-Shifters are skilled in magic and potions.

3.Unicorn Shape-Shifters can heal anyone when pressing their horn against them when in their unicorn form. The bigger the injury the more energy it drains. If the users attention gets split, the healing will not work and the injury will not me healed.


1.Unicorn Shape-Shifters can make any magic or potion using their horn.

2.Unicorn Shape-Shifters are known to take on feautres of unicorns, such as horns, manes, hooves, etc.

3.Unicorn Shape-Shifters can survive a short time without eating as the magic in their horns can feed them for a small amount of time.

lt. and counseler onlyEdit

1.In rare cases they can sense an injury nearby and when they sense this they move faster and are stronger then before. This is because they thrive on trying to heal the injured and will stop at nothing to heal them.


1.Unicorn Shape-Shifters tend to eat a lot of grain and wheat.

2.Unicorn Shape-Shifters have a tendancy to like mystical things.