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If you have any questions please ask ShadowGoddess

Welcome to the claiming page! To get claimed, scroll down and click in the box below. Then, type "<your character's name>". In the empty page, explain what you would like to be. (For example: your species, your parents, your weapons, your powers etc.). Please try and give some bio about your character, it doesn't have to be substantial, just enough to show us that you have put thought into this. Please give multiple suggestions on your forum (For example: I want to be a pegasus shape shifter or a dragon shape shifter.) Admins will go through these requests, please do not make your character's page until an administrator has given you final approval. The only species that you can be full-breed are nymphs, mortals, and satyrs. If you want to be a shape shifter you can choose one of these animals. You do not have to be a shape shifter. You can be a satyr or a human-like form such as a fairy, mortal, or nymph.


  1. Make sure to read the Guide to Getting Started before creating a claim.
  2. Make sure to consult with an admin before editing anyone else's (besides your own) claim.


Copy/paste this on to your claim forum and follow it to make your character's claim.


Species(three choices):

Human Appearance:

Animal Appearance:




Also add [[Category:Unprocessed]]


Want a character, but don't want to go through the whole process? No fear! Here are some characters that other users don't want anymore. Contact the user written if you are interested in adopting their character.

=Characters up for Adoption Edit


Dorms that DESPERATELY Need Campers (4 or Less Campers)Edit

Bear's Dorm (2), Bird's Dorm (1), Deer's Dorm (4), Griffin's Dorm (2), Pegasus' Dorm (2), Shark's Dorm (0), Snake's Dorm (2), Unicorn's Dorm (2), Werewolf's Dorm (3), Rabbit's Dorm (3),

Dorms that NEED Campers (5 to 9 Campers)Edit

Dragon's Dorm (5), Phoenix's Dorm (6),  Cat's Dorm (6),  Dog's Dorm (5), Fox's Dorm (8), Vampire's Dorm (6),

Medium Full Dorms (10 to 15 Campers)Edit

Fullest Dorms that DO NOT Need more Campers (16 or more campers)Edit

People In Charge of ClaimsEdit

Claims are run by Admins and rollbacks here at CSS. Please note that we have other responsibilities offline, and we cannot attend to your claims at all times.

Department HeadEdit

  1. ShadowGoddess

Department AdministratorsEdit

These are the administrators taking care of claims when I'm not here.

  1. Starke21

Department MembersEdit

These are the rollback users who work in this department and help out here.

Department Helpers from other DepartmentsEdit

These are users who can accept claims, but don't usually help out here regularly.

  1. Zer0TheNinja

Department HelpersEdit

These are users who are not admins or rollbacks, but are allowed to help out to contribute.



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