Gracie Greyling

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Real name Gracie Greyling
Titles Phoenix Shape Shifter
Age 16
Eye-Color Blue
Height 5'1
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Family Father:James -:- Mother:Jessica -:- Sister: Alana Celeste Greyling.
Affiliation Campers
Weapons Phoenix stuff
Species Phoenix Shape Shifter
Home Camp Shape Shift
Quests None yet

Gracie -Phoenix Shape Shifter
-Phoenix Shape Shifter

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This character is a Phoenix Shape Shifter.


Gracie -Phoenix Shape Shifter
-Phoenix Shape Shifter

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Gracie is simple, easily annoyed, quick to get angry.


Celeste and Gracie, were born into a family of bird lovers. Their father James, before the two children were born, had a bird house built in the top of a huge tree on the property he and his wife lived on. Time went on and soon Gracie and Celeste were born, after they were born, their parents took them home and raised them. When the two got to be 12 a strange man rang the door bell and another man walked to the back of the house. armed with a gun, and yet another man walked to the side of the house, with a crowbar in hand.

The man with the crowbar began to crack open a side window, the man who rang the doorbell pulled out a gun and pointed it at Jessica, Lana and Gracie's mom, pushing her farther into the house, where the man promptly assaulted her in front of Gracie. Gracie seeing her mom in pain and hearing her mother scream for her to get her sister and run far away from the house, was stopped when a the man going coming in through the slider grabbed her arm and drug her off to an empty room. The man pulled out rope and began tying Gracie up to an already tied up Lana.

While the man tied gracie up, Another one walked in with two rags, and a gas can. Lana quickly began to squirm, the man poured the liquid in the gas can onto the two rags, and put it over the girls mouths, waiting for them to breath. Gracie quickly fell into subconsciousness. Lana heard the gunshot that killed their mother, right before she to fell into subconsciousness.

When James got home he was in shock, So he sent his daughters to live with their grandparents who lived near this camp for special children. With his children James sent a letter to his parents telling them that when Lana and Gracie turned sixteen that they could be sent to camp shape shift.. Which is where they now reside.

Weapons: Her whole body and everything else a Phoenix would have.

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