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Hazelle Dawson
Head Counselor
Bear Shape-Shifter
The Bipolar Polar Bear
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Brandon Dawson (Father)

Lexi Dawson (Mother) Faith Dawson (Adopted Sister)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'7
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Weapons Throwing Daggers
Species Shape-Shifter
Home Denver, Colorado

Camp Shape-Shift

Quests None

This character is a Bear Shape Shifter.


Hazelle is a bold and strong leader but, has a short temper. She has execelent fighting skills. She can be bipolar at times too.


Hazelle grew up with her parents and her older adopted sister in Denver, Colorado. Her parents work for the Denver Zoo and Hazelle spent most of her time there. Her mother homeschooled her so that she could have a better relationship with Hazelle. Hazelle learned at the age of six that she had shape-shifter blood in her, she just didn't know what kind. Her father was a Werewolf shape-shifter while her mother was a Bear shape-shifter.

When Hazelle turned eight, they learned she was bipolar and dislexic. Her mother also got a job working at the Denver zoo with her father so Hazelle had to go to public school. Hazelle hated school. She had a hard time reading and writing, the kids made fun of her dislexia and bipolarness and the teachers treated her terribly because they thought she was stupider than their other students. After school, one of Hazelle's father's co-workers would pick her up from school and take her to the zoo.

Hazelle loved the zoo. Her father worked with the wolves and her mother worked with the bears but, Hazelle loved watching the polar bears. She would watch them for hours until Hazelle's mother's shift ended then she would go home, try and do her homework, eat then go to bed. By middle school, Hazelle was the loner and the kid that everyone wanted to pick on. It went on like this til high school.

When she started her freshmen year, she started hanging her older adopted sister and her friends which got some people to stop bullying her but, not for long. WIP


  • Hazelle (Human Form)
  • Hazelle (Polar Bear Form)


Name Relation Feelings
Lucas Volte Friend/Crush He's been nice to me when normally people think of me as a freak.