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Mary West

Mary West

General Information

Name: Mary West

Age: 15

Species: Vampire

Gender: Female


Mary's mum had a gift to shape-shift into a phoenix but Mary was born a normal human child. Two years later when Mary's sisters were born they had the gift to shape-shift too. Ella could e a cat spirit an Faith a dragon. 

One night Mary's father went out but didn't come home. After he had been absent for 7hrs longer than he should have been her mum promised she would come straight back whether she had found him or not in 1/2 an hour. However, Mary heard a gun shot and her mothers scream, she had been shot in the head...

Crazed with fear and fury Mary ran out after the figure that had killed her mother but she lost track of him and ended up in an abandoned alleyway. She ran blindly in the dark but then felt someone grab her from behind, sharp teeth sank into her neck and she felt pain. She lay screaming in agony on the dirty floor of the alleyway. Once the pain had passed she got up thinking about how fast she must get home to her sisters incase someone would try to harm them she began to run and everything blurred less than a minute later she was home... 

That was when she realised what had happened to her she had been bitten by a vampire. Inside the house her sisters told her about a cloaked and masked figure who had come to the doorway while she was gone, they showed her the letter he had posted through the door. It read 'Meet me by the large oak tree by your local park'.

Mary was unsure whether she should go but what else could she do they had no-one to contact and even if they did they had no phones in the house. So, she grabbed their coats and her mothers charm bracelet that had been passed down generations and she took her sisters by their hands and they left the house and headed for the park. 

When they met the man he said only one word 'come' then he begun to walk. He lead them to Camp and then when Mary turned to thank him he had gone... They never found out who he was and they never found out if there dad had ever got home...


Brown Hair, Some times red and sometimes yellow eyes, pale skin.



Her Dagger

Vampire teeth

Her Teeth


Her only weapon is her dagger and she can also use her sharp vampire fangs if needed.

A sensual one who knows the flesh - and knows the blood.