Sherlock and Maximilian Holt


Fox Shape-Shifters
Sir Boast-A-Lot/Lady Boast-A-Lot
Detective Holmes/Detective's Assistant

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Basic Info

Full Names Sherlock Maddox Holt and Maximilian Scotia Holt
Pronunciation -
Meaning Don't know
Born 25th November 1996 and 23rd December 1997
Current Age 16 and 15
Gender Male and Female
Species Fox Shape Shifters
Sexuality Asexual (Sherlock) Straight(Max)
Status Alive
Nationality British
Native Language English
Accent Southern London
Languages Spoken English
Latin (they both speak these)



Background Info
Hometown London, England
Type of Childhood Rich, happy until parent's death
Most Important Childhood Event Parent's death
Type of Smarts Every type of smarts
Religious Views Unknown
Earliest Memory They have Eidetic memories, but I haven't decided their earliest memories
Firsts Kiss = None/None

Sex = None/None
Love = None/None

Family Info
Mother Violet Holt
Father Siger Holt
Uncle Marc Holt
Siblings Maximilian/Sherlock
Friends considered family None



Eye Colour Grey/Grey
Hair Colour Black/Black
Height 6'0"/5'10"
Weight 187 lbs/135 lbs
Ethnicity Caucasian
Handedness Right/Right
Shoe Size 8/6
Blood Type
Voice Deep/Soft
Eye Sight -
Health Status Healthy/Healthy
Abilities Violin, Deduction Skills/Singing, Deduction Skills
Clothing Style Black Coat, Blue Scarf, Purple Shirts/None
Distinguishing Marks None/None
Body Style Slim/Slim

General Info
Relationship Status Single/Single
Nicknames Sherry/Max
Meaning of Sign Element =

Ruling Planet =
Symbol =
Birth Stone =

Current Location Camp Shape-Shift
Pets None/None
Likes Playing the Violin, proving people wrong, solitude/Singing, her brother and John, reading
Dislikes Boredom, quiet, being incorrect/Same as Sherlock
Fears/Phobias -
Hobbies Violin/Singing
Motto -
Things She Won't Do -
Person They Secretly Admire -
Most Influenced By -
Moral Compass Not sure/Not sure
Most Important Person Before Camp -
Most Important Person Now None/Sherlock and John
Immediate Goals -
Long Term Goals -
Reacts to a Crisis? -
Face Their Problems? -
Reacts to Change -
Alignment -

General Personality

Skills Planning, using Hand Guns/Is able to throw knifes and stab people really easily
Weapon of Choice Hand Gun/Knife, sometimes borrows Sherlock's gun
Strengths Offensive and planing/Same as Sherlock
Weaknesses -
Quests Led 0
Quests Been On 0


Relationships With Others
Ever Cheated? No/No
Relates to Others? No/Sometimes
Perceived by Strangers Insane/Crazy
Perceived by Lover No lover ever/Genius, funny and pretty
Perceived by Friends Genius/Genius
Perceived by Family They consider each other as genius', they are the only two in their family left
First Impression Either genius or insane/Same as Sherlock
Family/Friends Like Most? WIP
Family/Friends Like Least WIP
Name Relation Feelings

Dorm House/Fox's Dorm

Dorm Not sure
John Williams Friend/Friend, slight crush Sherlock cares about him but sometimes annoys him/She loves John and she's got a slight crush on him
James Moriaty Enemy WIP
Irene Adkins Complicated Complicated/Max doesn't know Irene much

Camp Life

Role Character Plays Camper, Shifter, Detective/Camper, Shifter, assistant to Sherlock, soon joined by John
Inspiration Behind Creation BBC Sherlock Holmes/A mix of Sherlock, John and Mycroft
Future Goals WIP
Current Relationship None/Interested in John Williams, Aud
Current Active RP's None/None